in association with Singapore Dance Theatre
Established since 1958
Director: Ms Goh Soo Khim     Principal: Mr Jeffrey Tan
Ms Goh Soo Khim
Mr Jeffrey Tan

1958 – the year Singapore Ballet Academy (SBA) was established by our visionary founders - Goh SooNee, Francis Poh & Vernon Martinus. Fifty-five years henceforth, it has come a long way with continuous growth and countless success. I was privileged to be one of the pioneer students and later became its Director/Principal in 1971. After managing the Academy for more than 40 years, it gives me great pleasure to make way for Mr Jeffrey Tan, one of our most outstanding home-grown talents to lead the Academy as its Principal. He took office from July 2013. Personally, this has warmed my heart and a dream come true to find a successor who has a close link with the Academy. I have worked closely with Jeffrey for more than 25 years – first, as a teacher to a talented young male student who started his training late at SBA and second, as Artistic Director of Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) with him as a professional dancer of the Company. I am so proud to witness Jeffrey’s career developed from strength to strength – dancer to principal dancer to Resident Choreographer of SDT. With his extensive experience in the professional dance world, I am confident that Jeffrey will inject new ideas and introduce more enrichment programmes to motivate and inspire SBA students. I welcome Jeffrey to this new partnership and his vision to advance SBA into an exciting new era of greater challenges, creativity and artistic voyage.



I am truly thankful for the opportunity to fulfil the role as Principal of Singapore Ballet Academy.

My relationship with the Academy began in 1987. Thus, it is most nostalgic returning to the Academy and remembering how my mentors the late Mr Anthony Then and Miss Goh Soo Khim inspired me to be the best that I can be. In this regard, I am ever grateful for this opportunity and enthused to continue my mentors' legacy to educate, motivate and inspire our many aspiring young local dancers.

In the days ahead, SBA will train students towards a professional route in dance where they will indulge in greater choreography and teaching development. We will continue to raise the standards of SBA while working towards the goal of forming a strong youth group under the Academy. We also want to encourage more male students to take up ballet with us. We will venture towards these challenges with creativity and passion.

With support from staff and students, I look forward to realizing realities in the domains of impossibilities. Welcome on board to this exhilarating journey with SBA.