In Memory of Ms Goh Soo Nee

In memory of Ms Goh Soo Nee

We are saddened to announce the demise of our co-founder, Ms. Goh Soo Nee.

Ms. Goh Soo Nee passed away peacefully in her sleep in Vancouver, Canada on 27 April 2021. She was 86.

The Academy was established in 1958 by Ms. Goh Soo Nee, Ms. Frances Poh, and Mr. Vernon Martinus. Through her passion for dance and their shared vision of bringing the beauty of ballet to the local community with dance education and performances, she has trained many nascent dance talents in the 50s & 60s who have gone on to become dance professionals. Since then, our Academy has grown from strength to strength, building on the same values and foundation established.

We send our Director Ms. Goh Soo Khim and Ms. Goh Soo Nee’s family our deepest condolences. Ms. Goh Soo Nee will be fondly remembered and dearly missed by all in the Academy and everyone in the dance community.